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Piper Piper

Name : Piper

Breed : Terrier Mix

DOB : 04/02/2021

Gender : Female

Weight : 39.2 lbs

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Do you shine like our “Special Needs” dog Piper?

She is a walking, wagging sunshine machine!

Everywhere she goes the smiles follow and everyone wants to be her best friend.

You would think after all she has gone through that she might be a little reserved.

When she was just a small pup Piper was run over by a car causing internal injuries and a severely broken leg.

How she lived through it we will never know.

This little miracle girl was bound and determined to not only survive but thrive!

It took months of recovery slowly building muscle and stamina in order to grow into the beautiful girl you see today.

She still has some issues with fecal incontinence from her injuries, but it has gotten much better with time.

Piper tries hard to please everyone, but she cannot help the fact that she leaks stool on occasion.

What we can tell you is that even with this “Special Needs” condition Piper is sure to win your heart.

We have grown accustomed to a little clean up each day and she never lets it get her down.

We suspect the right forever home will cherish her no matter what!

Piper loves to play and you will find that every toy is her favorite.

She doesn’t mind sharing and even a little game of tug of war with her bestie Carmen.

And, when it comes to baby pools Piper is ready to make a splash!

Piper also thinks people are the best invention since the frisbee.  We didn’t tell her that people actually came before frisbees.

But, we hope her adopters will live up to the high expectation of being better than round disks you toss in the air.

When it comes to treats Piper would love to hit the buffet!

But, it is important to keep her on a diet which aids in her digestion and helps with her incontinence.

Piper is also the official social coordinator and doggie playgroup supervisor.

She has an uncanny way of stopping doggie disagreements before they start and keeping everything paw-sitive at playtime.

Piper does get tuckered out easily, so a good combination of short play sessions and longer rest periods will help her to stay happy.

We simply cannot say enough good things about Piper.  Can you tell?

If someone were to write your bio what would they say about you?

We hope it would include words like kind hearted, loyal, loving, dedicated, patient, more amazing than a frisbee and other wonderful traits.

Because, after all, Piper is all of that and more.

And, maybe, just maybe we can edit yours to add “Piper’s Amazing Forever Family” very soon!


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