Senior Pets - Briggs Animal Adoption Center

The Briggs Animal Adoption Center has older dogs and cats waiting for someone to adopt them into a loving home. There are many reasons why adopting a senior pet can be a wonderful thing to do. Here are just 6:

Give them the Gift of Love in their Senior Years

Giving a senior dog or cat a comfortable home to live out the rest of their lives is one of the most selfless and loving things you can do. Many animals have had full lives with loving families, but for one reason or another, their loved ones couldn’t take care of them anymore. We at Briggs believe every animal should be in a loving home–no matter how many grey hairs they have.

Please consider opening up your home and heart to one of our senior dogs or cats. They are ready to graduate to a purrfect forever home. Below are just five of many reasons that adopting an older animal is a great decision.

1. They Like to Sleep!

When you adopt an older animal, more than likely they have already outgrown their “hyper” or “energetic” phases and they prefer to spend their days and nights cuddling up on their favorite bed or on their favorite lap. Many senior dogs and cats are perfectly content to nap throughout your busy workday and cuddle with you at night.

2. They are already house-trained!

One of the biggest challenges of adopting a puppy or kitten is the task of training them when and where to use the bathroom. But for senior animals, that’s old hat! They already know the routine and in many cases, they are accustomed to a home environment.

3. They are Mr. and Mrs. Personality!

Senior dogs and cats have already grown into their great personalities, so when you meet them, what you see is what you get! Whether they be bold and outgoing or calm and quiet, these golden oldies have nothing to hid from you.

4. They are Experienced!

Older dogs often already know basic commands and they are familiar with simple house rules. They’ve outgrown their chewing phase and the know the difference between a dog toy and your expensive shoes. Elderly cats who have been in homes before already know that scratching is for the scratching post, not the sofa.

5. Save a Life!

In many shelters throughout the country, the older the animals are, the less likely they are to be adopted.  By adopting an older dog or cat, you are giving them a second chance to enjoy their golden years in a safe and loving home. Since we never euthanize a healthy animal at our shelter, they will live out their lives here if they’re not adopted. However, we see them shine and flourish when they have their own loving family and home!  We want that for all of them!

6. Senior Pets are great for Seniors!

Senior cats and dogs are wonderful companions for senior citizens. They provide comfort and unconditional love to those seniors who are unable to get out of the home very often due to lack of mobilization and/or activity level. They also provide the senior citizen with the feeling that they are needed and are responsible for the care of a living creature who depends on them.

If you are considering adoption but you’re worried about the time-consuming process of house-training and spending sleepless nights with an energetic puppy or kitten, think about opening your home to one of our older, calmer and seasoned seniors. They are wise and ready to come home to their forever families!

Please check out our dogs and cats for adoption on our website to view our senior pets. Thank you!