Volunteer Orientation Schedule - Briggs Animal Adoption Center

All volunteers are required to attend an orientation meeting when they sign up to volunteer with Briggs (BAAC).

If you are interested in volunteering for Briggs, you will need to complete a volunteer application and speak with our volunteer coordinator, Ellen Dalgarn, before we can add you to the list to attend a volunteer orientation meeting.

If you would like to email Ellen with any additional questions, her email is: volunteer@baacs.org. You can also call her at 304-724-6558, ext. 143 and leave a message in her voicemail if she’s not available to take your call at that time. Her schedule is Tuesday through Saturday.

Our Volunteer Orientation meetings are most often held on Saturdays, however, if we have several people interested in volunteering, we can choose another day and time during the week that fits for everyone. The meetings last approximately one and a half hours.

Ellen will also ask you what particular areas you would like to spend your time. You can choose to work with cats or dogs, spend time to help socialize shy animals, brush and/or groom animals, help out at our events, and if you have experience in any one particular area, volunteer your time to assist in other ways at the adoption center.

We Look Forward to Seeing You!

*Please Note: We are currently not accepting volunteers who are fulfilling required community service hours. Volunteers are required to be 18 years of age or older.