Administrative Fee - Briggs Animal Adoption Center

Our Administrative/Adoption Fees are Listed Below for Dogs and Cats


  • Puppy- Up to 1 Year of Age $200
  • Dog – 1 Year to 6 Years of Age $150
  • Senior Dog – Over 6 Years of Age $125


  • Kitten – Up to 1 Year of Age $120
  • Bonded Pair of Kittens $200
  • Cat – Over 1 Year to 6 Years of Age $100
  • 2 Adult Cats Together $175
  • Senior Cat – Over 6 Years of Age $ 90

All of Briggs’ animals have received the following medical care prior to adoption:

  • Spay/Neuter
  • Dogs – Lyme/Erlichia/Heartworm Tests
  • Treatment if positive for Lyme/Erlichia/Heartworm
  • Cats – Feline Leukemia and Feline Aids Tests
  • Cats and Dogs vaccinations, FVRCP, Distemper, etc.
  • Dogs – Bordetella Vaccinations
  • Fecal checks and Dewormings (2 treatment minimums)
  • All Animals are Microchipped
  • Dentals are provided for older animals if needed and dental extractions for younger animals as needed
  • A medical file is given to the adopter with each animal adopted
  • Dry food given to help transition the animal over to the diet of choice that the adopter wants to provide their pet

We provide this quality of medical care to the animals because 85% to 90% of the animals we rescue come from neglect, abuse or were simply abandoned and they deserve to be healthy, happy and lovingly cared for. Such medical care would cost an owner $400 or more at the average veterinary clinic. We do this because we love these animals and we want to give them the best start they can have in life.

  • Our administrative fees do not cover all of these costs of course and we are appreciative and grateful for any additional donations the public is willing to provide.