BAAC Animal Care - Briggs Animal Adoption Center

At any given time, up to 90% of the animals in our care have come to us as victims of neglect, abuse or were simply abandoned. As a private nonprofit animal welfare organization with a central mission to place companion animals in loving homes with compassionate people who will make lifelong commitments to them by accepting them as a member of their family, we give priority status to the intake of neglected, abused and abandoned animals over those animals whose owners are simply seeking to surrender them.

The BAAC relies solely on charitable contributions to achieve its mission and does not receive any operating funds from local, state, or federal governments. Further, the BAAC is a program of The National Humane Education Society, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, ( from which it receives the majority of its funding in order to provide its comprehensive services on behalf of animals in need. These services include:

  • Animal Rescue & Intake
  • Veterinary Medical Care, including Mandatory Spay/Neuter before adoption
  • Socialization & Rehabilitation
  • Canine Basic Obedience Training for long-term residents
  • Pre-adoption counseling and post-adoption follow-up counseling
  • Delivery of all dogs to their new homes

The BAAC provides one of the highest standards of veterinary medical care available to its dogs and cats before adoption. This medical care is provided to all animals we accept, which could cost an owner a minimum of $400 per animal if it were to be done after adoption at a veterinary clinic. These services include:

  • Spay/Neuter before Adoption
  • Lyme, Erlichia, and Heartworm testing for dogs
  • Treatment if positive for Lyme, Erlicia and Heartworm
  • Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS testing for cats
  • Rabies Vaccinations
  • DHLPP & Bordetella Vaccinations for dogs
  • Fecal Checks & Deworming (two treatment minimum)
  • All animals are Microchipped
  • Dentals are provided for older animals, as needed, and dental extractions are provided as needed as well.

*Additional procedures including x-rays and specialties such as orthopedic care are paid for by the BAAC when needed in order to bring an animal into healthy condition. These same services are also provided to injured animals.

To view our administrative fees for adoption of a dog or cat, click here:  We  know that the BAAC is one of a very select few organizations that provides this defined standard of quality care.

We provide this standard of care because we care deeply about all animals and feel duty-bound to provide all animals at the BAAC with the same care that we expect all companion animal owners to provide to each of their personal animals.

This expectation of care can also be found in our adoption guidelines that serve to find the “best match” between animal and adopter.

The BAAC operates on a no-kill philosophy and does not participate in the killing of animals in order to “make room” for other animals. Therefore, we do not do same-day adoptions and can take the proper time necessary to match up animal and adopter.

Our goal is to do the best we can to ensure that all the animals in our care will be treated as members of the family by all adopters when they leave the BAAC, which includes receiving proper care and lots of love.

Please know that any Donation in addition to the Administrative Fee to help offset our costs is greatly appreciated and always needed.