The Marley Fund - Briggs Animal Adoption Center

Marley came to The Briggs Animal Adoption Center (BAAC) in November 2007 when he was a young playful 10-month-old puppy.  While he was adopted briefly and returned, he spent most of his life with us because he was misunderstood by a majority of the public.

Marley was loved by all staff and he won over a select group of volunteers with his charm.  These volunteers had a special love for Marley and enjoyed weekly walks with him along the path that meanders through the BAAC’s 24-acre property.

Marley passed over the Rainbow Bridge in June 2018—and we miss him greatly.  While we would have loved to have seen Marley in a “forever home” with someone who understood him, we came to realize that his “forever home” was with us—people who understood his quirks and would always keep him safe.

One of the volunteers who walked with Marley asked if we could start a Marley Fund to help other long-term canine residents who, like Marley, have unique personalities and might well be with us for extended periods of time.

This dedicated volunteer made the first $100 donation to begin Marley’s Fund, and we now invite you to join with us to help provide for the annual vaccinations, medications and daily care of more dogs like Marley who may well live out their Golden Years with us.  Remember, no amount is too small and all donations are greatly appreciated! Please click here to donate. Thank you!