History - Briggs Animal Adoption Center

The Briggs Animal Adoption Center (BAAC) is named in honor and memory of James P. and Anna C. Briggs, husband and wife, who dedicated their lives to improving the plight of homeless animals in our nation.

Moreover, BAAC is the incarnation of Mr. and Mrs. Briggs’ guiding philosophy that “each and every animal has intrinsic value and deserves to be treated accordingly—with kindness, compassion and respect.  Therefore, our stewardship includes sanctity for their individual lives, and we will not participate in the killing of one animal in order to ‘make room’ for another animal.  But rather, we will remain committed to each animal that comes into our care until an appropriate home can be found, because this is part of the humane solution to ending animal suffering.”

BAAC is a program of The National Humane Education Society (NHES), a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) animal welfare organization founded in 1948. To learn more about NHES, please visit www.nhes.org.

The BAAC became operational in October 2000, and is NHES’ flagship animal care and adoption facility.

NHES relies solely on charitable donations to fund the BAAC and its other programs.  It does not receive any operating funds from local, state or federal governments to carry out the BAAC’s comprehensive services on behalf of animals in need, which include:

  • Animal Rescue & Intake
  • Veterinary Medical Care, including Mandatory Spay/Neuter before adoption
  • Socialization & Rehabilitation
  • Canine Basic Obedience Training for long-term residents
  • Pre- and Post-adoption Counseling
  • Delivery of all dog to their new homes

The BAAC provides one of the highest standards of veterinary medical care available to the dogs and cats who come into its care.  This medical care is provided to all animals before adoption and would normally cost a minimum of $400 per animal if performed after adoption at a standard veterinary clinic.  To see a list of the veterinary medical care that BAAC provides to its animals CLICK HERE or go to BAAC Animal Care under Animal Care.