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Carmen Carmen

Name : Carmen

Breed : Terrier Mix

DOB : 09/01/2021

Gender : Female

Weight : 36.4 lbs

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Carmen has “Special Needs” and one of them is you!

In fact, you may just be her most important need of all.

You see, Carmen was born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia.

This condition affects her gait, coordination and balance, but it hasn’t diminished her amazing spirit!

She takes it all in wobbly stride with her happy-go-lucky and sunshiny attitude.

Carmen adores stuffed squeaky toys, treats, and being oh so silly.

She loves playdates with her BFF Piper where she can pal around and play gently.

When Carmen gets overly excited her symptoms tend to flare up.

This often causes her to topple over, become disoriented and have trouble righting herself.

So, a calm home life without small children would be best for this sweet girl.

She would enjoy having a mature and gentle canine friend to keep her company too!

Keeping her in a safe environment will be important for her overall health and wellbeing.

In fact, “baby proofing” her forever home will be very important.


Things that will help Carmen in your home:

Safety gates to block stairways and areas which may be a danger

Textured or carpeted flooring to help her gain traction

Ramps or one level living for access to the yard

A fenced yard (Always keep an eye on her in the yard even if it is fenced)

Adopters who work from home or are retired 

A soft bed or beds for happy snoozing.

Treats, Toys and sooooooooo much LOVE!


We do not expect her condition worsen, but adopters should be financial prepared for any veterinary needs that may arise.

We know her special family is out there ready to make Carmen’s dream of a forever home come true.

She has waited a very long time to be ready for you and now she is!

So, fill out that application and be prepared for your world to be forever changed when you fall in love with Carmen.


To view Carmen’s Homeless Hearts Puppy Video click here

And, stay tuned for her updated video coming soon!


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Just be sure to come back to her BAAC page to fill out an adoption application or information request.