The History of Dubs and Dogs - Briggs Animal Adoption Center

In 2013, Donna and Dustin O’Hara were browsing a local Facebook yard sale page looking for VW parts and were surprised to find an adorable puppy advertised. They fell in love with him and contacted the owner to ask if they could adopt him. When they met the owner, they realized he needed a good home and renamed him Roscoe. He loves car shows.

While visiting Cowan’s Gap in 2014, they stopped in a thrift store that benefitted an animal shelter. After talking to the manager, they learned how hard it was for them to keep things going so Donna and Dustin suggested they raise money by doing a Volkswagen show. Dubs and Dogs was born a year later and held in the parking lot of the Fort Loudon Thrift Store. The turnout raised $800 and made them realize they’d need a bigger place in the future. Both Dubs and Dogs #2 and #3 were held at the Fort Loudon Community Center, and each year more cars arrived.

Both shows combined raised $2,700. Things were going well until 2017, when they received an e-mail informing them the shelter wanted to end the show.

This almost made them pull the plug.

In the spring of 2018, they contacted the Briggs Animal Adoption Center to share their passion for VWs and helping rescued animals. They let fate decide if the show would live on, but BAAC agreed to have it continue. By July, Dubs and Dogs #4 was held and, although the location had changed, Volkswagens still showed up. The show raised $1,800 and has continued to grow each year; except, of course, for 2020. Last year’s net total: $4,632.68.

Dubs and Dogs #8 will be held Saturday, July 8th at the Briggs Animal Adoption Center in Charles Town, WV.