July Matching Gift Challenge - Briggs Animal Adoption Center

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In recognition The National Humane Education Society’s 70th Anniversary Year, a very kind volunteer who chooses to remain anonymous, has generously offered a matching gift challenge of $7,000—one hundred dollars for each of NHES’ 70 years. We are more than halfway there, but we still need help!

If you have already donated to our July Matching Gift Challenge, THANK YOU!

We have until July 31 to meet this challenge—please help us by donating today. And please share this wonderful opportunity with your friends and family in the hopes that they, too, might help and the animals can reap DOUBLE THE REWARDS.

The volunteer’s sole desire is to help the wonderful dogs and cats of The Briggs Animal Adoption Center (BAAC) via increasing their chances of adoption by:

1. Replacing our deteriorating roadside sign with a new eye-catching design.

2. Renovating the interior of our mobile adoption center to include four dog cages and one cat condo to accommodate up to three cats or five kittens so that we can transport more animals to off-site adoption sites in surrounding areas where the adopting public and animals alike will enjoy the comfort of a heated/air conditioned RV.

3. Removing the outdated accordion wall in our canine get-acquainted room for which parts are no longer available and replacing it with a newly designed movable wall that is easier for staff and volunteers to move when it’s necessary to divide the room.

Summertime is the most difficult fundraising season of the year for nonprofits, because so many individuals and families are away on family vacations. This volunteer’s generous matching gift offers us an opportunity to overcome this difficult season, and ultimately help us care for and work to place more dogs and cats in quality adoptive homes.Please help us meet this challenge by making the largest possible donation you can today. And remember, no donation is too small.