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Topper Topper

Name : Topper

Breed : Chihuahua Mix

DOB : 03/01/2016

Gender : Male

Weight : 12 lbs

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Topper is Special Needs in that he is so easily frightened, requires a sturdy, fenced yard and another dog in the home to help him come out of his shell.

Topper is a dog that is so extremely shy with new people that he will bolt in a split second if frightened. We’ve had him nearly a year, except for a few weeks in a home earlier this year. He was returned due to illness.

He requires a fenced yard and a quieter home with not a lot of activity such as having kids going in and out of the house.

Topper was brought up at a place where he didn’t receive much human contact. He’s still come a long way in a year but what has helped him is having another, outgoing dog to be with.

He loves Rose, his roommate here at Briggs. In the yard he is a different type of fella. He runs and plays and is happy as can be.

In his kennel or in the adoption room, if he doesn’t know a person, he will shy away and hide from them. If being walked outside and a loud noise or anything frightens him, he will bolt to get away.

We would like to adopt Rose and Topper to the same home together so that Topper will have Rose to help him come out of his shell even more.

Once Topper bonds with someone, he loves to cuddle and be in their lap. He just needs time, patience from his adopter(s) and a strong fenced yard that he cannot excape when frightened.