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Timmy Timmy

Name : Timmy

Breed : Border Collie Mix: Border Collie Mix

DOB : 10/01/2014

Gender : Male

Weight : 62.6 lbs

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You could change our story.

And, we could probably change yours too.

Ours didn’t start out too well because unfortunately we were born in the “care” (we use that term loosely)  of the wrong human.

All the hopes and dreams of typical newborn pups were dashed and replaced with neglect and abandonment.

Speckles and I were locked in a dark shed, never to be loved or shown any affection, with just the occasional scraps tossed our way.

We desperately needed rescue and thankfully we did indeed find our way to Briggs.

And, thanks to the care here we have begun to know love and affection for the first time.

We finally have regular meals, a warm place to nap and play yards to romp in if the mood strikes.

We love to stretch our legs on leash walks together taking in all the fun sniffs and feeling the breeze in our fur.

Our wonderful humans give us extra treats which we happily devour and Speckles soaks up the back scratches every chance she gets.

I am more “Tim-id” with new people and experiences, but even I come around a little if there are treats involved!

We have been through it all together. From the not so great start in life to this middle part which is pretty good, but still not a home.

Now, we just need to have that “furry tail” ending all you humans long for.  Believe it or not, us dogs want that too!

We picture ourselves in a cozy quiet home together without a lot of activity that keeps us on our toes.  (no present or future children please)

A fenced yard to lounge in the sun, cozy beds for naps and gentle humans to show us love daily would be about perfect.

You could change our story and we could change your world.

Let’s write the rest of the pages together! Fill out an application for us today!