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Theo Theo

Name : Theo

Breed : Miniature Pinscher Mix

DOB : 12/15/2021

Gender : Male

Weight : 14.4 lbs

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Get up and go with Theo.

He’s a fast fellow who loves to play!

Theo’s favorite thing is chasing balls for games of fetch.

He is still learning the “bring it back” part.  But, he tosses it to himself and dribbles with his paws!

We are quite certain he knows he is being adorable because we can see his toothy grin as he goes by.

Theo has a lot of energy to burn and would love an active home where he can be himself.

He would love to incorporate some basic obedience training into each day because he likes to learn.

Theo said to tell you that he learns faster with some delicious treats as rewards.

And, of course, patience and positivity make everything better along the way!

Theo would can’t wait to be in a comfy home of his own with a family that will be his forever.

We are hoping you have already started filling out that application to make his dreams come true.


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