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Summit Summit

Name : Summit

Breed : Terrier Mix

DOB : 05/04/2023

Gender : Male

Weight : 32.5 lbs

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Catch all the sunrises with Summit

He want’s to start each day with you!

His energy is contagious and once you see his smile you’ll be smiling too.

Summit is brother of Wolfe, Eden, Meadow, Brooke, and Bryn.

These outgoing pups are just learning to explore their world and want you to show them the way.

We suggest starting with a little basic obedience and potty training.

These smart pups are eager to learn everything you are willing to teach them.

Just keep the training positive, have some tasty treats as incentive and there’s no telling how far they can go.

Playtime is a must for these active pups, so prepare yourself for “game on” at a moments notice.

They love chasing toys, running zoomies and playing in the baby pools just to name a few.

And, don’t forget the snuggles and itchy scratches behind the ears to complete each day.

Ready for a lifelong commitment to a very special furry companion?

Fill out an application for Summit or one of his siblings today!


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