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Slick Slick

Name : Slick

Breed : Domestic Short-Hair

DOB : 10/01/2022

Gender : Male

Weight : 8 lbs

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Wanna costar in my furry tail ending?

It’s a pretty easy gig and I pay handsomely.

Well, I mean, I am handsome after all. So, that’s payment enough.

I picture peaceful days together with lots of cozy affection.

We can watch the birds through the window and warm up in the sunshine.

I can be your chin scratch test kitty and you can be my comfy lap.

When we have a burst of energy we can break out the cat toys. You toss and I’ll chase!

I’ll even help you get rid of those cat treats you keep on hand.

You may want to “recruit” another kitty to fill in when you get a little busy in your day.

I suggest Panther, Flash, or Tie Dye if you are looking to add a little more feline to our daily show.

We lived together for awhile and we get along pretty well.

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for a nappily ever after together!

What can I say? I like naps!

So, come on in and spend a little time with me today.

Chances are we’ll be heading home together!

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