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Shiloh Shiloh

Name : Shiloh

Breed : Beagle Mix

DOB : 06/13/2021

Gender : Female

Weight : 20 lbs

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Shiloh “nose” the way to your heart.

And, she is ready to go the distance with you.

But, only if you think you can keep up because she like to stay active.

Shiloh would like to take you for a couple of walks daily so you can check out all the latest scents with her.

She said not to worry because you can just stand there while she does the sniffing part! And, she means a lot of sniffing!

Next, she would like to check out whatever you’re eating because it smells delish.

Just be sure to keep snacks healthy and in moderation even though she will tell you she wants everything you have.

If you have a fenced yard you will want to keep a watchful eye on Shiloh when she is out in it.

Because if you don’t you might find she isn’t it it for long thanks to her amazing vertical leap.

Shiloh has an adventurous side and that Beagle nose is always wondering what’s on the other side of the fence.

Keeping her busy with stimulating games and exercise will help to keep this sweet girl content.

She might even enjoy and excel at  k9 nosework.  Plus, it is just another way to strengthen that amazing bond you will build together!

Shiloh enjoys the company of compatible canines and having a friend might help to keep her entertained during the busy parts of your day.

Don’t get us wrong, Shiloh enjoys downtime and snuggles with you too. She said to tell you not to forget the belly rubs and back scratches.

So, if you spend more time off of the couch than on it, fill out that application today.

Love is in the air with Shiloh in your life!


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