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Sage Sage

Name : Sage

Breed : Mountain Feist Mix

DOB : 04/06/2022

Gender : Male

Weight : 15.4 lbs

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Want some Sage advice?

Adopt him! Pretty simple right?

This little guy is the king of super fast “zoomies” and stealing toys.

He is the brother of Cypress, Farley, Fern, Juniper, Teak, Wisteria and Linden.

This large litter of adorable pups survived because of their amazing Mother Marigold.

The family was rescued from a filthy home in a severe state of neglect and brought to the BAAC for care.

Thankfully these kiddos and their Mom have made an amazing recovery.

Now, they are ready to join your forever family!

Do you have what it takes to keep up with puppy energy, training and more?

Fill out an application for Sage or one of his siblings today!


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