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Ryder Ryder

Name : Ryder

Breed : Beagle Mix

DOB : 10/09/2023

Gender : Male

Weight : 14.2 lbs

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Ready, set, go!

Ryder is an energetic fellow who “nose” what he wants in life.

He loves to stay busy and hopes you do too!

Outdoor hobbies that let him take in all the good sniffs are high on his list.

Of course, all that good affection and working for those treats sounds good too!

Ryder already knows lots of “sit” and can’t wait to learn other commands with your help.

Keeping his mind and body active will help to keep this guy content.

We suggest K9 nosework with that awesome sniffer he has!

And, of course, all those levels of obedience too.

So, run don’t walk (because you might as well get some practice in) and come see Ryder today!