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Rick Rick

Name : Rick

Breed : Domestic Short-Hair

DOB : 04/01/2020

Gender : Male

Weight : 9.15 lbs

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Rick says, “What are you waiting for?”

Me and my brother Morty are just about the friendliest two brothers you have ever met!

We once had a home together and it would be really nice if we could stay together in a new home.

You see me and my brother really do love one another and we can’t wait to love you too!

We sleep curled up together and check in on each other with a head butt whenever we are close.

Our favorite things are affection, affection, playing, eating and did we mention affection?

We know you may not have room for two brothers in your house so we are also available for adoption separately.

But, if you have a heart and home big enough for two you would make our dreams come true!