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Reed Reed

Name : Reed

Breed : Terrier Mix

DOB : 10/01/2016

Gender : Male

Weight : 14.1 lbs

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Reed is one of our “special needs’ dogs and so is his sister, Iris.  They’re considered “special needs” due to their insecurity and fear.

They both came from the same place as 11 other dogs that we have. There were too many dogs and the dogs weren’t socialized so they are fearful of almost everything, including a leash.

In the months they’ve been at Briggs, they have begun to relax and feel attached to some of their caretakers but when strangers come in, they just sit and shake or try to hide.

With the animal care attendants who care for Reed and Iris everyday, they have warmed up and look to them for security. So anyone wanting to adopt these “special needs” dogs will need to have some previous experience with dogs like this. They also need to have a sturdy, fenced yard. And lastly, they need to have patience while these two are slowly bonding and coming out of their shell.