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Petunia Petunia

Name : Petunia

Breed : Mixed Breed

DOB : 08/14/2022

Gender : Female

Weight : 16.5 lbs

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Petunia is no shy flower.

She takes charge with with all of her furry companions and leads the way.

Petunia is the sister of Wile E, Bugs, Babs, Elmer, Taz, Olive Oyl and Lola.

Their mom July came to us in a rather suspect “plump” condition and we quickly surmised that she was carrying a lot of puppies! 

July did an outstanding job of giving birth to 8 pups and caring for them along with the help of our Vet. 

Now these fun-lovin’ and energetic pups are ready for a forever home of their own. 

They love doing everything together from playing to napping and even head tilts when they hear a new sound! 

They cannot wait to learn all the things you will teach them and explore the world by your side. 

Puppies take a lot of energy and time but the reward of a happy healthy pup is worth it. 

We hope you are ready to commit to their care and provide them with all of the love they deserve. 

If you think you are ready to make Petunia a part of your forever family please fill out an application today!