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Peter Peter

Name : Peter

Breed : Domestic Short-Hair

DOB : 01/30/2024

Gender : Male

Weight : 3 lbs

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Peter can’t wait to take the bunny kitten trail to your heart.

He’s the life of the party and the ringleader of family trio.

And, Peter, Bugs and Babbs are ready to put on a show!

So, cue the photos and the “A-Paws!”

These siblings are world class tumblers and acrobats in tiny kitten form.

Just toss them a toy and watch the antics ensue!

They love to play, snuggle and nap the day away.

Got chin scratches? They love them!

Like head boops? They are ready to  give you some!

The entertainment is endless and the love is too!

So, fill out an application for these “kit-dos” today because they can’t wait be a part of your family.

To see additional photos of Peter head on over to his Petfinder page by clicking here.


Want a little less go, go, go in your feline friend? Check out “Chirp” who is the super sweet mom of this trio.  We aren’t kitten when we say she is adorable!