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Myrtle Myrtle

Name : Myrtle

Breed : Corgi Mix

DOB : 12/01/2014

Gender : Female

Weight : 23.1 lbs

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Myrtle and her bestie Noel are a “Special Needs” bonded pair.

Have you ever had that one person in your life that just makes everything better?

You know, that “ride or die” friendship and the Thelma to your Louise?

Well, that is Myrtle and Noel.  (minus the outlaw part and all that crazy driving)

Myrtle and Noel came to us from similar circumstances and formed their unbreakable friendship awhile ago.

They bonded over their love for playing chase, snuggling, and Noel’s way of always trying to steal all the treats.

Myrtle doesn’t seem to mind taking a backseat to Noel’s outgoing nature, perhaps because it takes the spotlight off of her.

We can remember a time when Myrtle wouldn’t even take a treat let alone allow anyone close to her.

Now, Myrtle will accept a gentle scratch, a treat and even sit close to her trusted caregivers.

She still much prefers the company of dogs to most humans unless you are one of her favorites.

And, if you are on the favorites list be prepared for a lot of “awhooooooo’s” to greet you!

Myrtle has made some amazing progress in her time with us and now it is time to see how far she can go in a forever home with her pal Noel.

Here are a few things that will be important in giving Myrtle and Noel the best chance for success in your forever home:

  • Be Patient and Kind – While Noel may adjust more quickly to your home Myrtle will need time to adjust at her own pace without being forced
  • A Quiet Home – Without small children and without a lot of visitors or activity *please consider future plans for your home life in this determination
  • Working from home or being retired would be ideal 
  • A Securely Fenced Yard Attached To Your Home – Noel loves walks on leash, but Myrtle is not as comfortable with a harness and leash at this time

Ready to go the distance with Myrtle and Noel?  Please fill out an application today.


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