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Moose Moose

Name : Moose

Breed : Great Pyrenees Mix

DOB : 07/06/2022

Gender : Male

Weight : 86 lbs

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Polar bear impersonator and world’s biggest lap dog at your service.

Yep, I’m a big guy with an even bigger heart!

I love to spend my days taking in the fresh air and surveying my kingdom.

I’m here to alert you to the mailman, woodland creatures and even that pesky leaf that lands nearby.

I can hear the fridge open from three rooms away with the music blaring, but I might pretend not to hear you calling me inside.

Hey, it’s a Pyrenees thing, what can I say? I just love the outdoors, especially in the cooler months.

They say I may have a little Labrador Retriever in me. I think it’s in my tail which never stops wagging!

So, what do you think? Are you ready to add a Moose to your life? Adopt me today!

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