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Mellie Mellie

Name : Mellie

Breed : German Shepherd Dog

DOB : 12/01/2013

Gender : Female

Weight : 96.5 lbs

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This beauty is Mellie.

Mellie has been with us for the past year while she’s been going through treatment and tests. She is now ready to find her permanent, loving home.

When Mellie came in, she had lost a lot of weight and couldn’t walk very far without getting tired. We found that she had Lyme disease and inflammatory joint disease. We treated her for the Lyme disease and she began to improve over time. She will still require bloodwork a couple times a year to check up on her condition but she’s put weight back on and is looking great.

Although Mellie had to be on several different medications for some months, she has now been able to stop the medications and is currently just taking Omega Derm for her skin/coat.

This sweetheart is very loyal and bonds to people pretty quickly. She is currently living in our vet area as the kennel environment is a little too stressful for her so she has bonded to the staff there. When she is shown to new people, after a few minutes, she just wants to go back to the vet office because that’s the home she’s been living in the past year and it is a comfort to her. But if given a little bit of time (requiring a few visits at the BAAC with her) we know that Mellie will bond to her new adopters. She’s just that type of dog.

Mellie does need to be adopted by someone who is able to meet the financial commitment to carry through with her bloodwork and follow up with the vet. She deserves a wonderful home and a great life!

Mellie has attended many school presentations with our humane educators and does wonderfully with the children.