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Lulu Lulu

Name : Lulu

Breed : Mixed Breed

DOB : 10/22/2022

Gender : Female

Weight : 30 lbs

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Lulu just may be for you.

Do you have energy to burn?

Do you enjoy learning lots of new things?

Is your heart filled with love and patience?

If you said yes to all of the above, then Lulu could be the one!

We don’t know a lot about this sweet girl’s life before rescue and she isn’t talking.

We did discover that she had an old injury in her hind foot from a pellet gunshot.

Thankfully, we were able to remove it and there does not seem to be any significant damage.

Now that she has recovered fully, she is ready run off some off that pent up energy with some zoomies!

So, be ready to keep up with this silly gal!

Lulu would love to learn some basic obedience skills with you at the lead.

Activities that engage both her mind and her athletic side will help to keep Lulu content.

Lulu adore toys and will carry them around like babies.

So, be sure to have an assortment of them ready for her to pick her favorites.

She fully expects lots of affection and scratches from you too!

Fill out that application if you fit the bill.  Chances are Lulu will fall for you!


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