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Lover Boy

Lover Boy Lover Boy

Name : Lover Boy

Breed : Pomeranian Mix

DOB : 09/01/2014

Gender : Male

Weight : 14.8 lbs

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Lover Boy is a fit name for this little guy.

He is such a love that he has helped to bring Miss Shiloh out of her shell.  We would like to keep Lover Boy and Shiloh together and are hoping to find someone who will adopt them both.

Shiloh is quite shy and afraid of new people. Once she gets to know you, she’ll come out of her shell and be a lap dog.  Before Lover Boy met Shiloh, Shiloh was quite fearful of people but now that she’s watched him go up to people and be friendly, he has helped her tremendously.

The two dogs live together and play together a lot. If you’re in the market for two little dogs and will be patient with Shiloh until she becomes comfortable around you, you’ll find a happy pair of pups!