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Lily Lily

Name : Lily

Breed : Chihuahua Mix

DOB : 04/01/2022

Gender : Female

Weight : 14.4 lbs

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Lily wants to adopt you.

She heard you had it pretty ruff in life and are looking for someone to love you forever.

Lily knows what that’s like, so you already have something in common.

You see, Lily was found running loose as a pregnant stray in flight mode.

That’s when you can’t stop for anything or anyone even though you are desperate for care.

Thankfully, Lily made it on to our property and we were able to humanely trap her and her bestie Lexi.

It was just in the nick of time as Lily was just about ready to give birth to her five puppies!

For the weeks since, she has cared for her puppies with the sweetest loving care.

Now that they are almost ready for homes it is time for Lily to start living the easy life with you!

She wants you to know that she may need a little while to get to know you.

But, she also wants you to know that the time spent getting to know her will be worth it!

Her sweet personality shines in the company of her trusted friends.

The wiggles and wags are contagious and her smile will brighten any day.

Lily told us to tell you that treats help in the “getting to know her” process.

Oh, she just barked at us and told us to say that treats help everything!

Lily would prefer a quieter home without small children or a lot of activity.

And, a securely fenced yard will be best for getting to know you better before adding in leash walking.

Lily may even do well with a confident and compatible canine in the home.

Lily never gave up when the going got “ruff” and she hopes you won’t ever give up on her.

Ready to start building a bond with the sweetest momma dog we know? Fill out an application for Lily today!


If you are ready to double the love, please consider adopting Lily’s best friend Lexi too!

These two peas in a pod were traveling buddies as strays and have been together through thick and thin. 

Lexi gives Lily a confidence boost and they truly complete each other in every way!

Two hearts are better than one! Let’s keep these gal pals together!


*We are requiring a securely fenced yard for Lexi and Lily in order to keep them safe and secure as they adjust to a new life with you. 


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