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Libra Libra

Name : Libra

Breed : German Shepherd Mix

DOB : 06/12/2022

Gender : Female

Weight : 57.8 lbs

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Leap on in for Libra!

This adorable gal had a rough start to life along with her “starry” siblings Aries, Leo, Taurus and Gemini.

But, they are not letting it change their “PAW-sitive” outlook on life!

All they ask is that you be patient with them and love them unconditionally.

Seems simple enough right? After all, dogs do this for us without a second thought.

These siblings may need you to take it a little slow while you build your bond together.

Things like playtime, grooming, obedience training and quiet time together are great ways to start.

Libra is a little more reserved than her siblings, but she is already learning to trust us.

In each other’s company these siblings gain confidence and their personalities really start to shine.

They may enjoy having another confident compatible canine to help keep them company in their new home.

We don’t know their entire backstory, but it is pretty clear that they weren’t shown the love and care that they deserved as little puppies.

Now, is the time for you to show them just how wonderful a loving home can be.

With the right mix of love, patience and consistency these siblings will be well on their way to becoming a star member of your family.

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