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Laverne Laverne

Name : Laverne

Breed : Beagle

DOB : 01/04/2021

Gender : Female

Weight : 25.3 lbs

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Must love Beagles.

I mean, how could you not?

They are curious, energetic, smart, and adorable.

Laverne has all of these great qualities and more!

She and her equally adorable sister Shirley were surrendered because they wouldn’t hunt.

But, that just means they were meant to be a “Beag” part of your family instead.

These sisters love to wrestle, run, play and make the most out of their day.

Just be extra watchful around exterior doors and fenced yards because these girls are great escape artists!

It’s probably that keen Beagle sense of smell that tempts them to explore.

You can help to keep them happy with activities that stimulate their minds and bodies.

Giving them at least an hour of exercise a day will help to keep them content.

You can start them on the path to basic obedience with plenty of positive reinforcement and some tasty treats.

And, if you want to want to take their skills to the next level consider k9 nosework.

These girls would likely excel at the sport with those noses!

The more activities you share with Laverne and Shirley the bigger the bond you will build.

Laverne and Shirley are waiting for you! So, fill out those application today!


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** Shirley and Laverne are a bonded pair who must be adopted together.  After all, two Beagles are often better than one!