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Kojo Kojo

Name : Kojo

Breed : Dachshund Mix

DOB : 06/01/2011

Gender : Male

Weight : 15.6 lbs

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Are you amazing enough for our “Special Needs” boy Kojo?

Kojo is quiet and slightly shy when he first meets people.

He may do a little growl as well but usually warms up with a treat and letting him come to you on his own.

We don’t know a lot about his past. We were told he was given up to a shelter because the owner could no longer take care of him.

Kojo has met new people while at Briggs and has been fine around them, even sitting on the futon with people quietly.

One thing that we’ve recently found out about Kojo is that he becomes very bonded to his human companion(s) and then becomes protective of them by getting in between and trying to snap at a person who hugs his human companion.

For this reason, Kojo is considered a “Special Needs” dog. He should not be around children or cats.

Kojo’s best home would be with a single person who does not have visitors.

This way, he can just hang around with and provide companionship for that person.

Kojo just wants to be with his human companion and challenges anyone who shares his space with that loved one.

Kojo is responsive to verbal correction, if he realizes that he cannot get away with his challenges.

So it’s imperative that his new owner establishes with Kojo that it is not acceptable to be so protective.

That can usually be accomplished by an immediate, strong verbal wording and a “time-out”.

Kojo is middle-aged so he would be best with someone who may also be middle-aged so they can just “hang out” together.


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