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Koby Koby

Name : Koby

Breed : Mountain Feist Mix

DOB : 05/01/2014

Gender : Male

Weight : 26.2 lbs

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Koby hasn’t met a toy he hasn’t loved.

Koby was an owner release but not by any fault of his own.

His previous owners of 3+ years fell on hard times and gave him up.

It is traumatic for any dog to leave a home after that long so he may be a little cautious with new things and people at first.   

Koby adores affection from his trusted caregivers and enjoys interacting with them during play time. 

He is very sweet and friendly once he gets to know you but may be a little cautious of new things at first.

We are told that he loves other dogs and in fact he did very well with another dog in a play group here.

Having a compatible dog in the home may provide him with comfort as well as a play buddy.

Koby was house-trained in his prior home but we cannot guarantee it.

It’s important that when he first arrives at your home, you take him outside frequently (and praise him when he relieves himself) to establish a routine for him in his new place.

Koby has a lot to offer and would love to show you just how grateful he would be to be your forever dog.