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Kara Kara

Name : Kara

Breed : Calico

DOB : 06/01/2012

Gender : Female

Weight : 12 lbs

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Kara is a calico with a little bit of attitude.

She arrived at the BAAC with 6 very young kittens and was a good Mom.

Now she’s ready for a home of her own.

Kara will let people pick her up in the cattery sometimes and other times she decides she doesn’t want to be picked up.

We don’t feel that Kara would be good in a home with young children because she can have moods where she will come up to people to be petted and then may decide to swat at them.

What can we say…she’s a woman who likes to change her mind.


Kara passed over the rainbow bridge on 7/3/2019 RIP sweet Kara.