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Jinx Jinx

Name : Jinx

Breed : Domestic Short-Hair

DOB : 06/12/2022

Gender : Male

Weight : 13.1 lbs

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Let’s get ready to rumble!

Well, maybe just tumble and play!

In fact, I would love a “me” sized stuffed toy to wrestle with now and then.

As for treats, if you give them, I will never say “when.”

Cat toy wands and laser pointers are my favorites for play with you!

When it comes to attention, I like a good chin scratch and head rub too.

Younger feline friends are the ones for me, so they can keep up with all my energy.

But there’s nothing better than just you and me.

So, come in and meet me and please don’t delay.

With the way I’m so vocal I am sure to say “Heyyyyyyyy!”

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