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Jewel Jewel

Name : Jewel

Breed : Great Dane Mix

DOB : 07/22/2020

Gender : Female

Weight : 82 lbs

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This Jewel needs the right setting.

She had a home, but it just wasn’t the right fit for her to shine.

Jewel (aka Maggie) came to us as a tiny pup. None of us knew that little gem would grow to be this big beautiful girl.

She hasn’t changed much in personality over the years, but she finally grew into her ears!

Jewel loves to run “zoomies” with the best of em and her long legs make it completely a-dork-able.

This big gal doesn’t quite realize her size so small children are not a great idea in her future home.

In fact, she would love to be one of those handbag dogs.  But, that is probably just a pup dream.

Once you win Jewel over (which usually doesn’t take long) she becomes your biggest fan.

She loves to lean into you for pets and has no problem being your 80+ pound lap dog too.

Jewel knows a little basic obedience and could benefit from learning more with you.

Sharing activities that keep her mind and body active will help you to build a strong bond together.

Of course, just be sure to get ready for naps together after all that exercise!

Are you ready to learn all the facets of Jewel and help her to shine her brightest?

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