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Jade Jade

Name : Jade

Breed : Terrier Mix

DOB : 07/01/2021

Gender : Female

Weight : 32.2 lbs

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Pick Jade.

Pick her because she is a sweet and sometimes bashful girl with a heart of gold.

Love Jade.

Love her because she deserves it unconditionally just like the way she loves you.

Commit to Jade.

Commit to her because her heart was broken once before when she was returned by no fault of her own.


We have no doubt the right family is out there waiting for Jade to complete them.

She loves people, walks on leash, chilling on a comfy bed and simply being with you.

Jade already knows some basic obedience and looks forward to learning more with your guidance.

She loves a good belly rub and has the cutest habit of using her paws like hands to keep you petting her.

So, pick Jade, love Jade and commit to Jade.  She’s ready to love you and commit to you to!


Fill out an application today or Jade just might do it for you with those paws of hers!


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