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Izzy Izzy

Name : Izzy

Breed : Bloodhound Mix

DOB : 07/18/2022

Gender : Female

Weight : 58.3 lbs

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Yay! We knew you would!

I mean how can you resist this gorgeous red headed gal?

She is as sweet as can be, loves affection, tasty treats and staying busy. (unless she is in nap mode)

Izzy likes walks where she can take in all the good sniffs along the way.

She already knows a few commands and is ready to learn more with you at the lead.

You may even consider K9 nosework as a fun hobby to share together.

With that nose she is bound to be a superstar at it!

Hurry on in and don’t stop for sniffs along the way, because Izzy is waiting for you!

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