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Hutch Hutch

Name : Hutch

Breed : Terrier Mix

DOB : 12/02/2020

Gender : Male

Weight : 57.3 lbs

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Hutch has a hunch about you.

His intuition is pretty good and his ears make up for anything he misses.

So, when Hutch thinks you are the one for him we will know it!

This handsome guy couldn’t tell us much about his life before rescue.

But, with each day he shares a little more about what he likes and doesn’t.

In fact, just recently he “told” us that he would prefer a home without cats.

Hutch adores people and would love to get to know you with a couple of visits or more.

He hopes you will keep him engaged with new toys to fetch and lots of new adventures to share.

Hutch prefers a gentle voice, treats, and positive reinforcement when learning new things.

And, he cannot wait to learn new tricks and hobbies with you!

He knows you are out there ready to make a lifetime of memories together.

So, make his hunch a reality and fill out that application today!

He is ready to commit to you forever! Are you ready to promise the same?


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