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Gwyneth Gwyneth

Name : Gwyneth

Breed : Domestic Medium-Hair

DOB : 12/21/2021

Gender : Female

Weight : 7.4 lbs

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Pssst, I’m Gwyneth.

I’m a quiet gal who’s expression may appear disinterested.

But, truly I am hoping you will pick me and make me yours forever.

I just went through a lot to get here and I am still adjusting to it all.

You see, I was dumped here with two of my friends and 14 kittens in a single cage!

Thankfully my babies and all of the others were taken in by the BAAC.

We had flea treatments, vaccinations, and lots of other things to get us healthy.

Now, I am ready for adoption and so are some of the kittens!

You know kittens are cute, but they can take a lot of work.

So, a better choice may just be this gorgeous and mostly mature Torti that I know.

Yep, you guessed it.  It’s me!

The quiet life with you is more my speed.

You won’t catch me trying climb your leg like a cat tree like those little rascals do.

I like to nap and curl up on soft beds or perhaps even your lap.

Chin scratches are the best and I will boop you just to get a few more.

Just love me furever and I will love you back.

Pretty simple right? That’s me!

Fill out that application today, because I hear you need a chin to scratch and a Torti to adore.


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