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Gordy Gordy

Name : Gordy

Breed : Dachshund Mix

DOB : 07/13/2018

Gender : Male

Weight : 41 lbs

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There is just something about Gordy.

You can sense a goodness about him.

It’s there in his deep brown eyes staring back at you with a look of pure love and adoration.

He is one of those dogs that has an old soul and he is all the wiser for it.

Gordy has the heart of a survivor too.

He was hit by a car and ended up with a big scar and a bigger story to tell.

Gordy also conquered heartworm and handled the treatment like a champion.

He naps like a champion too and has the accompanying snore to prove it.

And, when he sleeps he dreams of the best things like a family to call his own and all the belly rubs they will give him.

His little eyes twitch and his paws move as he imagines walks with you exploring the world at your side.

And, when he wakes this goodest boy is always hopeful that you will be there to take him home with you.

There is just something about Gordy and he thinks there is just something about you too.

Don’t you think it’s time to make this sweet boy’s dreams come true?