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Goofy Goofy

Name : Goofy

Breed : Hound Mix

DOB : 02/23/2018

Gender : Male

Weight : 56.2 lbs

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Goofy is a young, playful and highly energetic pup.

His owner’s landlord did not allow pets and that is how he ended up at Briggs.

Goofy will require obedience training and dedication to helping him become a well mannered dog.

Presently, he can be overly-aggressive in his play and for that reason, we do not feel comfortable adopting him into a home with children at this time.

With some of Goofy’s interactions with dogs, he has been a bit much in his play as well.

However, lately he has become more submissive with some dogs at play and seems to be interacting well.

Please see his video below for some of his interactions with his playmate Phoebe.

This boy would benefit from professional obedience training while he is still under a year old.

He’s learned how to sit and beg, so he is able to focus when given proper training every day.

We, unfortunately, are not equipped with the staff to provide such daily, in-depth training so it’s important that his adopter(s) commit to such training.

We do feel that Goofy will benefit from a home dedicated to working with him which will allow him to mature into a well-mannered, loving adult dog.


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