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Glorie Glorie

Name : Glorie

Breed : Spaniel Mix

DOB : 08/16/2020

Gender : Female

Weight : 27.2 lbs

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Glorie is ready for a new story.

Her past one involved caring for her puppies all alone on a country road.

But, despite that start, Glorie is just about the happiest dog we have had in awhile.

Her current high energy level could be partly due to all the changes she has been through.

Anyone going through all the changes she has would have a little nervous energy.

Glorie loves people and being close to you is one of her favorite things.

Belly rubs and sleeping by your feet are close seconds on her list!

Glorie is an escape artist so extra care should be given around exterior doors and fences should be secure.

In fact, she is so good at escaping that even in a fenced yard she should always be watched.

Creating redundancy at exterior doorways will also help keep her safe.

Dogs like Glorie will benefit from hobbies which stimulate their minds and bodies.

Activities like agility, basic/advanced obedience, fly ball and more can be great for bond building.

If you take the time for her well being you will have a healthy, happy sidekick for life!

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