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Frenzy Frenzy

Name : Frenzy

Breed : Mixed Breed

DOB : 11/27/2023

Gender : Female

Weight : 8.6 lbs

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Ready to work yourself into a Frenzy?

Well, Frenzy the pup is one to get excited about!

She’s got adorable looks and silly personality that is sure to make you smile.

When she gets together with siblings Chaos, Havoc, Mischief, Whisper and Wilder, it’s game on!

These pups love to have a good time and adore getting attention from you.

Despite her name, Frenzy also enjoys her downtime snuggled up close with you.

Just be sure to be ready when she wakes up because then it is go, go, go…nap!

We can’t wait to hear about all adventures you will share with Frenzy as your copilot.

Come see her today and let the excitement begin!