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Felicia Felicia

Name : Felicia

Breed : Mountain Feist/Whippet Mix

DOB : 07/01/2017

Gender : Female

Weight : 31 lbs

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Felicia is a happy and very energetic girl.

Couch potatoes or quiet homes would not be a good match for Felicia. She’s very talkative and very active.

Felicia has met quite a few families while here and has done well with the children. She is needy for affection and attention so with quieter children that haven’t been around dogs very much, she would be a little too overwhelming.

But if you have an active home with children older than 8 yrs or so, Felicia might be the one for you.

If you have another energetic dog at home that wants to play and needs a playmate, Felicia would be your gal. We would have them meet up and see if they like each other.

Since Felicia is still a teenager, she will have at least another year (and maybe a little more) before she begins to slow down so active homes that go biking, hiking, camping and running could be a great match for Felicia and vise versa!