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Faye Faye

Name : Faye

Breed : Basenji Mix

DOB : 04/08/2022

Gender : Female

Weight : 25.1 lbs

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Hey, I’m Faye!

And, I am looking for my happily ever after.

You see, me and my pal Sawyer had it pretty “ruff” for the first part of our lives.

But, I am choosing to focus on today and a future with you!

I like gentle souls like me and taking things slow.

When I am in the company of my canine friends my personality really shines.

So, if you have a confident and compatible canine in the home it might help me feel more comfortable.

Playtime is my favorite time and I love to play fetch.

Especially the kind of fetch where I may or may not return with the toy!

I can’t wait to find my person so we can start our “furry tail” life together.

Just be patient and love me for life because I promise to do the same.

Should we shake on it? I have my paw ready. So, fill out an application today!


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