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Faye Faye

Name : Faye

Breed : Basenji Mix

DOB : 04/08/2022

Gender : Female

Weight : 20.8 lbs

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Hey, I’m Faye!

And, I am looking for my happily ever after.

You see, me and my pal Sawyer had it pretty “ruff” for the first part of our lives.

But, I am choosing to focus on today and a future with you!

I like gentle souls like me and taking things slow.

When I am in the company of my canine friends my personality really shines.

So, if you have a confident and compatible canine in the home it might help me feel more comfortable.

Playtime is my favorite time and I love to play fetch.

Especially the kind of fetch where I may or may not return with the toy!

I can’t wait to find my person so we can start our “furry tail” life together.

Just be patient and love me for life because I promise to do the same.

Should we shake on it? I have my paw ready. So, fill out an application today!


To see additional photos of me head on over to my Petfinder page by clicking here.

Just be sure to come back to my BAAC page to fill out an adoption application or information request.