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Elfie Elfie

Name : Elfie

Breed : French Bulldog

DOB : 11/21/2011

Gender : Female

Weight : 16.9 lbs

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Elfie is a “Special Needs” dog who will need a very dedicated and caring home

Elfie came to Briggs when her owner could no longer care for her properly.

She did not adjust to the busy kennel environment well and it was soon determined that she would do better in a foster home.

Upon first arriving our Vet noticed that Elfie had many medical issues.

The list includes but is not limited to the following:

Brachycephalic airway syndrome – Elfie tends to snuffle, snort, wheeze grunt and snore loudly due to this.  It becomes more pronounced with excitement and activity

Urinary Incontinence – Elfie has had both bowel and bladder incontinence though it has mostly been of the urinary variety.  She is on hormone medication to see if that helps with the issue.  Currently, she wears a diaper when in the home and has it removed to relieve herself outdoors.  This seems to be working fairly well.  But it should be noted that keeping Elfie clean and dry to prevent skin breakdown is a full time job.  She is highly likely to have accidents in the home especially when she gets excited or upset but also just because this will be her “normal”.

Hip Dysplasia & Patellar Luxations – Elfie has some muscle atrophy from the combination of these medical conditions.  She walks with a stiff, stilted, rocking gait and is slow to get up and down.

Decreased Proprioception – When Elfie walks she often has trouble sensing where her body is in relation to her environment.  This especially evident in her right rear leg.  She may drag or crisscross her rear legs when walking making stairs and other obstacles hazardous to her.

Malocclusion – Elfie has an overshot mandible causing misalignment of her teeth. It is staged as class III which can lead to periodontal disease and chronic discomfort amongst other things.

Allergies – Elfie has allergies to many things including but not limited to fleas and ticks.

Elfie also has a history of anal gland sacculitis which is an inflammation of the anal glands.  She has a history of being unable to express her anal glands and may require this to be done for her in order to keep the area healthy.

Elfie also shows signs of compulsive behaviors.  She is triggered by people, animals, objects or anything that may be unfamiliar to her. She may become agitated and bark uncontrollably.

It has been difficult to predict her behavior and reactions as they often change from day to day.  Therefore trying to eliminate the source of the agitation does not always work.

She has also displayed resource guarding behaviors with toys and food.   And, she is also protective of her caregiver.

Elfie does love to run and play like any other dog.  But, she is limited by her physical ailments and should be kept from becoming overheated as this could cause serious respiratory issues.

She loves her trusted caregivers and attention.  She enjoys a good snuggle and lots of love whenever she can get it.  She is truly an endearing little girl despite all of her complications.

We would like potential adopters to know that should they chose to adopt Elfie it will be a big commitment.

There is potential for expensive vet bills down the road as well as the 24/7 daily care she will require.

She will need a quiet home without a lot of visitors.  Elfie may do better as the only animal in the home or at least having some separation from other animals.

Elfie will remain in foster care until a truly dedicated special adopter decides to give her a home.

While we would love to give Elfie a forever home, we hope all potential adopters will consider all that it will take to keep Elfie both healthy and happy for the rest of her days.