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Danny Danny

Name : Danny

Breed : Jack Russell Terrier Mix

DOB : 05/24/2019

Gender : Male

Weight : 25.8 lbs

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Danny doesn’t need both eyes to see you are the one.

He can just sense that you are kind, patient, and willing to return his unconditional love.

Danny came to us with brothers Joey and Jesse after they were found in a heartbreaking state of neglect.

Danny’s right eye was in such bad shape that it required removal by our veterinary staff.

He has made a full recovery and in true heart-of-gold style he hasn’t let his injury bring him down.

The brothers were all quite shy at first due to lack of socialization and love in their lives before Briggs.

But, with time and great care here these brothers have really come out of their shells.

Danny is by far the most outgoing of the trio and he helps his brothers to feel more confident.

They love to play with one another and enjoy treats from their trusted caregivers.

It is a joy to see them so happy now and we cannot wait to see the progress they will make in a forever home.

Do you have the ideal home for one or two of these brothers? See if you fit the criteria below:

  • A quiet, calm home without small children which will help them to feel safe while building a bond with you.
  • A securely fenced yard attached to your home for play sessions, basic obedience training, leash walk practice, and all other doggie endeavors.
  • An outgoing compatible canine already in your home to help with confidence building and to provide a playmate for one of these brothers.
  • Patience, time, energy and a commitment to giving them the loving care they need to thrive.

With all of these things in place they will each be in the best position to succeed and have a wonderful life with you!

We know you have a heart as big as each of theirs so fill out that application today!


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