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Daffy (aka Dobby)

Daffy (aka Dobby) Daffy (aka Dobby)

Name : Daffy (aka Dobby)

Breed : Dachshund Mix

DOB : 09/25/2018

Gender : Male

Weight : 11.4 lbs

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I spread kisses and joy wherever I go.

What can I say? I simply can’t help myself when it comes to you humans.

Let me tell you a little about little ol’ me…

I am an expert lap tester and captain of the “belly rub squad.”

When I get really excited my inner goofball comes out.

Then it’s time for the “Daffy Show” with lots of rockin’ and rollin’, zoomies and pouncing on toys.

You’d never know I wasn’t a puppy when it comes to fun time!

Well, at least until it’s over and I am ready for a nap and cuddles with you.

You can probably tell by my photos that I have had a “ruff” life.

But, I believe in leaving that story in the past and making the most of each day!

Hey, it’s just what dogs do. We live in the moment and cherish them all.

And, my intention is to help you with that too!

I say we get started with my adoption and take it from there.

We have memories to make and silly sessions to have.  So, hurry on in!

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