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Cleomie Cleomie

Name : Cleomie

Breed : Bulldog/Beagle Mix

DOB : 09/01/2010

Gender : Female

Weight : 48.8 lbs

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Cleomie is pretty quiet and calm and enjoys time with her human companions. (OK. She’s not super quiet when she sleeps…she snores.)

After being adopted out to a home with no children for over 4 years, Cleomie came back to the BAAC because her human family had grown with the addition of a young toddler and a baby. The activity level of the children in the home was a bit too much for her. She found herself being crated too many hours and her human companions felt that it wasn’t fair to Cleomie. We agreed, so she is back here waiting to find her permanent loving home for the rest of her life.

While Cleomie has been back with us, we’ve shown her to people with children 9 yrs and older and she’s done wonderfully. We think she is just a little too laid back to enjoy very active youngsters.

If Cleomie was in a home where she was the only dog, she would shine with all of the attention she would get.  And boy, does Cleomie love the Belly Rubs!

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